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Teaching the Hypnobubs Positive Birth Program, right here in beautiful Queenstown.

Certified Hypnobirthing Practitioner

A bit about Mama Gaia Birth

Hi, I'm Meredith and I'm the mama behind Mama Gaia Birth. Hailing from Australia originally, I attended the Hypnobirthing Australia™ (the Positive Birth Program, or Hynobubs™) course when pregnant with my eldest daughter. 

My partner Mat and I attended the course as parents-to-be which helped empower and educate us. I managed to drag Mat along on Valentine’s day but once the course started he was sold! We both learnt so much from that course, and we felt ready (as anyone ever feels!) to become parents.

My immediate family consists of my daughters Audie and Etta and my husband Mat. Outside of hypnobirthing, I'm an engineer by training and my day-to-day career is sustainability. 

The earth and birth have a lot more in common than we think which I discovered when I was researching birth. I’m a self-professed nerd. I love diving into the deep end about any new topic, and I took my first pregnancy as a chance to do lots and lots of research. So I now consider myself a birth nerd.

Pregnancy and motherhood have made me realise how important preparation and support are. Which is why I studied to become a hypnobirthing teacher to help parents feel prepared and supported!

I've trained and certified as a Hypnobubs practitioner, I have also completed:

I'm also an avid reader and listener of podcasts and teaching is the family business - I absolutely love learning and passing that knowledge on!

I'm completely independent from the medical system, which might seem like a drawback at first, however I have found in the past this means that we can dive into the course without any external pressure even subtle or unconscious. My only goal is to help you have the positive birth you're after!

Why I teach Hypnobirthing?

I run this course because I believe it leaves you more knowledgeable, confident and empowered to make your own choices. It did for us, and I'm hoping it can for you too.

I used the self-hypnosis tools during my pregnancies and birth to stay calm and centred. I listened to the audio tracks during 3am bump-parties, for hours during both labours, and I used the breathing techniques to birth my babies

After my first positive birthing experience I recognised how important my learning during pregnancy was and how much I wanted to share those skills with others. I read widely before and during pregnancy and continue to do so in motherhood, and I really want to share that knowledge with others. I want to change the narrative around birth - that birth can be positive and rewarding.

If you decide to join me for a class, I would be honoured to support you on your journey in parenthood. I consider success for you to feel empowered and positive going into birth, knowing the choices you're able to make (and why you would say yes or no) and feeling aligned with your birth partner.

It truly does take a village to raise children, and this includes supporting new parents in their journey. I would be honoured to be a part of your village through this the Positive Birth Program.

Kind Words

Great session, very informative & practical would recommend anyone in doing it! Meredith is so calm, lovely and open. A pleasure to learn from her!

- Caroline Lepron

"This course is well worth it, we did the course in Feb 22. The skills you learn are invaluable and Meredith was really patient and answered all of our questions. The great thing with the course is as well as natural practices, you also go though if anything were to not go according to plan - so you have an understanding about other medical methods - you are well informed and understand those terms if they were to come up.

My husband loved the course also and said it really helped with his understanding of the process and the best ways in which he could help, which made him a lot more confident. I’m really looking forward to birth and utilising these techniques - positive birth! Thanks Meredith!" 

- Tia and Craig Baker

"We completed a small-group course with Meredith in June 2022 before the arrival of our third bub. It was an awesome refresher on hypnobirthing and all that it encompasses - practical tools, physical and emotional preparation for birth, and packed with relevant research and data to inform our birth choices. Highly recommend for both first-parents and subsequent pregnancies. Also the snacks were delish!"

- Jordana and Paul Fraser

"I highly recommend a course with Meredith. She has a lovely, calm  energy and is thoroughly informed. I did a refresher course with second and third time mums to be. I put the tools to use immediately, following the guided visualisations, massage and exercises as well as birth planning which helped me prepare for and have a positive birth experience. I would recommend the course to all pregnant women and their partners."

- Stacey Cournoyer